Prescription Delivery in Orange County, NY

If you’re managing an ongoing illness, battling a temporary sickness or recovering from surgery, the right medication goes a long way toward helping you feel better. Turn to New Windsor Pharmacy and Home Healthcare Center to get it. Our licensed pharmacist in Orange County, NY will handle everything from helping you get the right OTC medication to filling prescriptions for delivery.

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Prescription Fills and Refills

Owner Joseph Moussa has extensive experience as a licensed pharmacist in Orange County, NV. We are here to help fill new and refill existing prescriptions at affordable prices to help keep you and your family healthy. We’re able to fill a variety of prescriptions and offer a large selection of over the counter medications for your convenience.

Prescription Delivery in Orange County, NV

We understand that you can’t always make it to our location to pick up your medication—especially if you’re recovering or on bed rest from a surgery or illness. In these situations, call your prescription in and we’ll deliver it directly to your doorstep (within 20 miles). We deliver quickly and discretely, so you can get your prescription with peace of mind.

Accepting All Major Insurances

We make it easy to get the prescriptions you need. We accept all major insurances, including Medicaid and Medicare Part B and D, and we always try our best to make sure your prescriptions are covered.

No insurance? No problem!

If you don’t have insurance, we’ll go out of our way to keep things as affordable as possible for you. We have the most competitive prices in the area for uninsured individuals, and even offer a prescription club to help make your monthly prescriptions and refills more affordable. Stop in and ask us about it!

Get the Medications You Need

For affordable medications and unbeatable customer service (including delivery), make New Windsor Pharmacy and Home Healthcare Center your destination for wellness.

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